Minty Tools for Excel

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Are you tired of wasting time on repetitive FP&A tasks in Excel?

Introducing Minty Tools for Excel, a powerful add-in designed to transform your spreadsheet work. Created by financial analysts for financial analysts, it offers a collection of time-saving tools that will leave you wondering how you ever managed without it!

Benefits of using Minty Tools for Excel.

⏱️ Save Time on Mundane Tasks

The Minty Tools add-in streamlines repetitive tasks with time-saving macros, optimizing your workflow and allowing you to focus on more critical aspects of financial analysis.

📊 Enhance Your Modeling & Analysis

The add-in simplifies financial modeling and analysis, helping users save time and increase accuracy, making complex calculations more manageable and reliable.

⚠️ Effortlessly Identify and Fix Errors

The Minty Tools add-in features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find, debug, and fix errors, enhancing efficiency and ensuring the integrity of your data.

Explore the Amazing Features of Minty Tools for Excel

Audit formulas like a pro with our tools.

The Audit Formula feature helps you understand the logic and data references within any formula, no matter how complex. Visually explore each step of a formula to better understand its workings, which is especially helpful for debugging complex formulas, identifying errors, and optimizing calculations.

Generate a table of contents with just a single click.

The Table of Contents feature allows you to easily add a dynamic table of contents to your workbook. Effortlessly update it whenever you make changes, making your files more presentable and easier to navigate (plus, it makes things look much cooler).

Find and manage links to external resources

We've all been there - receiving a file with links to someone else’s computer. The External Links Manager feature lets you review all links and convert the ones you want to values, eliminating the guesswork. Plus, it shows you where each link is used within the worksheet.

Apply consistent color legends to help with visual organization and patterning.

The Numbers Coloring feature lets you apply consistent color palettes to cells based on their content type. Differentiate cells containing formulas, numeric values, and links for easy identification and analysis, ensuring consistent formatting and adding a professional touch to your files.

Easily save a copy of your file without any links.

We often have to share our work with other stakeholders.

The Save Without Links feature allows you to select specific worksheets to share and export them as a new workbook, breaking and converting all links to values. That way, you can share your file without any loading issues, saving everyone some time and headaches.

Hide your worksheets like a pro.

Despite all the new Excel features, managing worksheet visibility can still be a pain. Our Visibility Manager lets you quickly hide unimportant worksheets. You can also set them as VeryHidden, keeping them out of Excel's default Hide/Unhide menu.

Good luck messing up my file now, Karl from Accounting!

Switch range references in bulk

You just spent 2 hours building this amazing debt utilization projection in your worksheet for subsidiary X. And now you want to reuse it in all other subsidiaries within your model. However, some things have to remain linked to a certain worksheet with assumptions, and you never thought of fixing the references. That's where the Change Reference feature can really save you a lot of precious time!

Our shortcuts manager makes working easier than ever.

Make Minty Tools for Excel yours with the Shortcuts Manager. Customize shortcut commands to ensure your favorite tools are just a quick key combo away.

Check out all of the Minty Tools for Excel features you get.

The Minty Tools for Excel add-in offers a suite of features that significantly enhance your productivity by automating repetitive tasks, streamlining data analysis, and simplifying the review of complex formulas and models, ultimately saving you time and reducing errors. With tools for financial modeling, formatting, and workbook organization, this add-in empowers you to work faster, more efficiently, and more accurately.

Learn more about each feature on our website.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy of Minty Tools for Excel today and start Excel-ing!

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With Minty Tools for Excel, you'll get a comprehensive suite of features that automate repetitive tasks, streamline financial modeling and analysis, enhance error detection, and improve workbook organization, all designed to save you time and increase efficiency.

30+ time-saving tools and features
Access to all future features
Powerful formula auditing
Consistent project formatting
File management features
Windows version only
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Minty Tools for Excel

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